M+N Architecture

Family Development Foundation

Ghayathi, Madinat Zayed, Sweihan (UAE)

Client: Family Development Foundation
Performed services: preliminary design
In collaboration with: Altorath Consulting Engineers

The design of the 3 new branches of the Family Development Foundation
contains a very articulated project program, with two different models
to be arranged in three different sites.
The courtyard is the main element of the design for all of the 3 sites.
It is a space open towards the sky and it is always been considered to
be a symbol of protection, tranquility and a perfect space to develop
relationships between people.
In order to give also a meaning to the project from an historical point
of view, our design team proposed buildings that are reminiscent of the
history of the original settlements of Abu Dhabi, but interpreted in a
contemporary way.
The mashrabiya has been used with the function both of protecting from
solar irradiation but also of preserving the confidentiality of people
who use the internal spaces.