M+N Architecture

Humanistic studies faculty

Florence (Italy)

Area: 9.700 sqm
Cost: 17.500.000 AED (3.500.000 €)
Client: CMSA Montecatini Terme
Performed services: full architectural design, permitting, supervision
Status: completed

The project is a major renovation and it provides a review of the distribution
of the main areas: the main lobby, while maintaining the original materials,
has been modified by creating a new volume that cuts vertically throughout
the building. It expands the interior space that gain a new dynamism
hitherto denied by the rigid horizontal elements of the floors.
The color and the rhythm of the new windows creates visual intensity.
Each facade has a different relationship with the openings, which sometimes
show and sometimes almost hide receding into the wall. The new shows itself
with energy but is also related to the historical center with respect.