M+N Architecture

Prototype for 3.000 student schools

Prototype for 3.000 student schools
Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Area: 37.655 sqm
Project’s budget: ca. AED 169.000.000
Client: Abu Dhabi Education Council
Performed services: concept design
Status: design competition (shortlisted proposal)

ADEC invited 22 consultants to a design competition to conceive an innovative prototype of public school building able to accommodate 3.000 students (from KG to G12, with gender segregation) in much smaller plots as compared to the ones currently utlized for school of similar size. M+N Architecture’s proposal scored 2nd out of the 22 submitted designs in the technical evaluation and sticks out for the innovative approach applied to the internal and external accesses and flow, with an elevated architectural staircase which leads students of higher grades directly on an elevated podium that runs along the whole building. Classrooms are arranged into “learning communities” as per ADEC’s public schools requirements which are attached to the central spine of the building, where common facilities such as labs, ITC rooms and special learning rooms can be easily shared by both genders. The multipurpose hall (gym+auditorium) sits on top of the swimming pool to optimize the space for special-purpose areas and rooftops are made accessible to the student population, to compensate for outdoor shaded playground that cannot find space in the plot due to its reduced size.