M+N Architecture

Well-being Hub

Well-being Hub
Nahyan Camp, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Area: 8.600 sqm
Cost: ca. AED 24.000.000
Client: Bin Jabr Group
Performed services: concept design, feasibility studies
Status: services completed

M+N Architecture was assigned the concept design and feasibility studies for a new building aimed to become a hub for well-being and wellness related activities and businesses. The building is designed with sustainable principles and use its mass to create shadow to its external pathways generating an architecture highly welcoming and permeable to pedestrian access. The proposal developes around a central courtyard which allows to bring natural light all the way down to the basement, where aside from parking some commercial spaces are envisioned with a partially underground SPA and indoor swimming pool. The building has an organic and soft shape and is conceived as a landmark for the neighbourhood with a highly attractive architectural image and offering several unique services. The offering in terms of services and retail opportunities include full-fledged SPA, gym, beauty&treatment, beauty clinic, F&B outlets and areas for social services and events.