M+N Architecture

Villa for VIP in Khor Al Maqta

Villa for VIP in Khor Al Maqta
Khor Al Maqta, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Area: 3.825 sqm
Client: Private Client
Performed services: architecture and interior concept design
Status: Concept Design

The design was conceived for a leisure villa, including owner’s wing, and guest rooms; it features swimming pool, private beach and private boat jetty.

The project is made of geometric shapes generated by 4 spirals that
start from the vertices of a square that will determine the barycentre of the house. The open central space contains and conserves energy for the well-being of the owner and his guest in his home.

We have chosen this harmonious shape, to give the house a great value
of positiveness, evolution and holistc growth as per feng shui principles.