M+N Architecture

Well-being Hub

Well-being Hub
Dubai (UAE)

Area: 8.831 sqm
Client: Bin Jabr Group
Performed services: preliminary design
Status: on going

Like an Oasis hidden in the dunes, so the sinuous shadows of the building leave
gradually discover the green heart of the Wellbeing Hub, where the soul finds
peace through body care and relaxation.

The Ground Floor welcomes the visitors with a green courtyard open to the sky
and accessible from many directions, increasing interaction among the users and
exposure of the commercial and social activities taking place in the building
thanks to the use of transparency.
The Basement, on top of providing the needed car parking, showcases a SPA
which receives natural light thanks to the central courtyard, which runs all the way
down to the basement level.
More private and hidden, the First Floor is home to all functions linked to the body
care; such more intimate activities are protected by an outer skin that allows
natural light to enter but keeps away prying eyes.
The Roof Floor (second floor) is a space directly accessible from the ground
level, dedicated to the food&beverage outlets which are immersed in a real roof
garden, allowing visitors to enjoy a green environment with a view.The building is cladded with an outer skin in HPL (High Pressure Laminates), which
maintains low temperatures and creates a ventilated facade.
The Windcatchers allow cool air to flow all the way down to the ground floor and
bring natural light into the inner areas of the building.